Born in Israel, 1952.
At the age of 10 I received from my parents a used old Zorki camera. Ever since, there was always a camera in my hand. Years later I found out it was the best replica of a Leica ever made. My mother regretted that gift till she passed away at the age of 87, because this was the reason why I did not become a DOCTOR or a LAWYER. As much as I’m concerned it was the best thing she ever did for me, (and my father too) and they did a lot of good to me.

1974-1979: Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem.
1984-1986: Camera Obscura school of photography. TA. Including master
classes with Lee Friedlander, Phil Perkis and Simcha Shirman.

Exhibitions - One-man show
1986: Israel-Brazil cultural center, Tel Aviv.
1995: Kidmat-Eden Gallery Tel Aviv.
1996: Allon Gallery, Ramat-Hasharon.
1997: Cinemateque Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1998: Yad-La’banim Gallery, Ramat Hasharon.
1999: Limbos, place for photography, Tel Aviv.
1999: Caffe’-Kazze’, Tel Aviv.
2002: Enav-center, Tel Aviv.
2002: Cinemateque Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2006: Lighthouse Gallery, Jaffa.
2006: Lesley University, Natanya.
2007: Beit-Dani, Shkhunat-Hatikva, Tel Aviv.
2007: Knesset Israel, Jerusalem.
2008: Beit-Dani, Shkhunat-Hatikva, Tel Aviv.

Selected Group exhibitions:

1979: White Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1984: Camera Obscura gallery, TA.
1992: Bat Yam Museum. Bt Yam.
1996: Agora Gallery, NYC, USA.
1998: Street Museum Givataiim (Work was stolen).
2000: The poor. The state. The Rich: Bat-Yam Museum, Arad Museum and Kfar Saba City Gallery
2001: The poor, the state, the Rich: On-tour exhibition in Germany: Cologne, Berlin, Suhl, Erfurt and Munich.
1995-2006: numerous shows at Yad- La’banim Gallery, Ramat Hasharon.
2006: Lighthouse Gallery, Jaffa.

Archeological photography:

1978: City of David, Jerusalem, under the directionof prof. Yigal Shiloh, Hebrew U. Jerusalem.
1979: Efrat, E.B. burial grounds under the direction of Dr. Rivka Gonen, Hebrew U. Jerusalem.
1999-2005: Tel Hazor, under the direction of prof. Amnon Ben-Tor, Hebrew U. Jerusalem.
2005-2007: Tel Bethsaida under the direction of conservator of antiquity Ms. Orna Cohen And prof. Rami Arav, Uni. Omaha, Neb. USA

Prizes & publications:

1979: Biblical Archeology Review, 5:04, Jul-Aug 1979, Digging the City of David.
1984: Photos in Qedem 19, Monographs of the institute of Archeology, The Hebrew U. Jerusalem, City of David.
1986: Article and photos in Professional photography Magazine 3:06, Israel.
1991: Photos in the book hot city, 80 years to Tel Aviv. Editor: Ronit Shani.
2000: First prize, photography competition of Eretz Veteva magazine and The Society for the preservation of Nature in Israel.
1991-2005: photos in numerous Amnesty International publications.
2007: Article & photos in “Design” magazine, publication of Tzomet Hasharon.









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